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Social media seems easy from the outside, especially when you take into consideration the level of ease you can create an account with. However for businesses it requires clear and concise planning and strategies to allow you to make sure you are sharing the correct types of content and are in line with your businesses objectives within the types of content you are sharing.

It is important to take a moment to reflect and analyse your current social media strategy to see where you can improve and understand what is working well – allowing you to be able to share more of the top performing content.

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How does a social media audit work?

A Social media audit is in effect a large scale review on your current social media content and strategy. It involves looking at all of your current content, seeing what are the best performing posts, the reasons for this e.g video or a game, maybe the time of day, to identify clearly what is working and what isn’t. You can even create your own social media audit template and report on a platform like Google Sheets to ensure you have a set process to follow each time to get the very most out of the audit.

In addition to analysing the content that is performing well, it is also important to identify if the types of content and messaging you are sharing is still in keep of your brand identity, direction and strategy.

A process-driven social media audit is an effective one. You want to ensure you are using a checklist or template when working through the process to maximise results and accuracy when comparing data.

What are the benefits of a Social Media Audit?

There are some fantastic advantages to carrying out an in-depth social media audit. Here are some of the top benefits;


Following your social media audit you will have a much greater understanding of the types of messaging, visuals and styles to use in your strategy that perform best with your audience; as well as what needs to be improved and worked on, or changed to fit the brand image.


A social media audit will enable you to fully understand what you’re doing that works well and what content is not performing best. Going forward you can then begin to plan new ideas around what is performing well.

More Engaged Audience

Following your social media audit, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to then create more engaging content, leading to a more engaged following.

What results can I expect?

A social media audit is an extremely useful task that will enable you to really push on and take your social media to a whole other level. Here are a few things you can expect following your own audit;

Increase in Metrics – once you’ve identified the styles of content that works well you will be able to create more that fits it, This will likely create greater engagement and interaction across your profiles, as well as gaining more followers.

Better Strategy – knowing what content works best will enable you to put a strategy in place that better reflects your brand with a message that you know will work.

Improved Brand Awareness – the better your content is, the more users will want to follow and share your content, enabling a greater amount of users to come across your channels.

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