Who we are

We are your customer acquisition partner.

MCM goes further to reach the right customers for its clients. For over 20 years, brands have trusted MCM to grow leads and sales by getting them in front of customers who really want what they’ve got to offer, with content that is matched to their real desires.

We are MCM

Since our founding in 1997, MCM has witnessed big change in an ever-evolving industry. We’ve seen incredible digital innovations come and go in that time, but what hasn’t changed is our core service and ethos:

Creating partnerships that elevate your brand.
Based on data, not on inclination.

Mission Statement

At MCM, our purpose is clear: we exist to inspire growth and deliver on promises. Guided by our core values of Enthusiasm, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Self-Accountability, and unwavering Integrity, we’re committed to realising our vision of becoming the world’s most desirable events agency. Together, we shape extraordinary experiences, setting the standard for excellence in our industry and consistently exceeding expectations.

‘We challenge and inspire growth to thrive and exceed expectations whilst empowering people to live their best lives’

MCM Core Values

This is us

Our team takes pride in a hugely collaborative approach, meaning our clients benefit from strategies created with every angle of digital marketing taken into consideration.

Above all else, we’re friends, and the brands we partner with become our friends, too.

Image of MCM employee Thomas McMahon

Tom McMahon


Having led awarding winning teams both agency and client side working across many international brands such as Sky, NBC Universal Studios, WPP, FT Live, Xeim (and many more); Tom brings a wealth of insight and cross-industry perspective to MCM. Tom’s experience has led to global exposure working across local territories as well as EMEA and the US. Although specialising in digital marketing there are few activations or channels which he is yet to lead or work across.

Carl photo

Carl Winter

Managing Director

Carl joined MCM back in 2012 with the responsibility of building the agency’s digital marketing service from the ground up. Over the past decade, Carl has grown a talented and multi-service offering team working with businesses from local SMEs to those with an international presence. Today, Carl works hard as Managing Director to keep day-to-day operations on target and continue MCM’s growth, build lasting relationships with clients, and hone the business’ long-term strategy. When not working, you can usually find Carl enjoying a round of golf or spending time with his wife and son.

chrissie team photo

Chrissie Damyanova

Finance Director

Finance Director Chrissie, joined MCM to help support the day to day finances. If she isn’t crunching numbers you’ll find her looking up the latest fashion trends or taking her dog on long walks in the countryside.

james photo

James Phillips

Digital Marketing Director

Having joined in 2015 as an SEO and PPC specialist, James has enjoyed a great career at MCM so far. Working in a full service agency has allowed him to add many more strings to his bow, including geese herding, Segway racing, axe throwing and canoeing. However, his crowning achievements have been a first place finish in the office fantasy football league 2016 and scoring a hat trick against Carl Winter in 5 a side.

Alyssa photo

Alyssa Varah

EA to the Directors

Alyssa is EA to the Directors and is responsible for keeping the diaries of our Leadership Team in order. Outside of the office, Alyssa is often out and about exploring with her family and can be often found chasing the highest rollercoasters.

Ólafur Jónsson team image

Ólafur Jónsson

Managing Director of MCM Iceland

Ólafur Jónsson (Óli) is an Icelandic farmer’s son who has worked in sales and marketing for the last fifteen years. He uses his vast knowledge and experience in both sales and marketing to manage our clients in Iceland.

Ólafur is a big podcast fan and has his own podcast dedicated to marketing. If he’s not recording a new show, you’ll likely find him walking his dog and listening to a podcast.

Fern Photo

Fern Rogers

Marketing Manager

Our Marketing Manager Fern loves shopping! When she isn’t running around town trying to find the best sales, she’s in the office helping out with the day to day marketing activities, helping MCM get seen.

Fern will be on Maternity Leave from October 13th 2023 to welcome her new baby.

Ollie photo

Oliver Williamson

Paid Media Lead

Ollie is the most talented and hardest-working member of the team.

P.s. he can jump the furthest and highest.

P.p.s. no, he did not write this himself.

Poppy Barr team image

Poppy Barr

Paid Media Manager

As a Paid Media Manager, Poppy loves all things digital marketing. Her role includes creating PPC strategies to achieve fantastic results for our clients. Outside of the office, you’ll find her bingeing the newest documentaries on Netflix or relaxing on the beach.

sam team image

Sam Keyworth

Junior Paid Media Manager

Junior Paid Media Manager, Sam first joined us as an intern. In the space of two years he went from an intern to Marketing Exec, managing his own PPC and Paid Social advertising clients. He now has over 4 years experience! Out of the office if Sam’s not supporting Chelsea FC you’ll find him enjoying a bit of UFC.

Jamie Leckie

Junior Paid Media Manager

Jamie has joined MCM as a Junior Paid Media Manager looking to expand his knowledge of paid media and conversion tracking to provide the best holistic paid service for clients possible.

When he’s not working he’ll either be creating content for LinkedIn or outdoors as far away from technology as possible (apart from his phone, that stays).

lauren photo

Lauren Tasker

Senior Digital Manager

Lauren has years of experience in digital marketing and has learnt to master the intricacies of the industry. Specialising in paid media, SEO and content, she’s worked on a broad scope of accounts and delivers great results for our clients. In her spare time, you’ll find her socialising with friends or catching up on the latest Netflix show.

Owen Marshall

Owen Marshall

Creative Producer

Jaedyn Herdman-Grant

Content Creator Apprentice

Jaedyn, who recently joined MCM as an apprentice content creator, is learning on the job while assisting the creative team with their projects. With immense enthusiasm for graphic design and videography, Jaedyn is eager to take her skillset to the next level. When she is not working, you can often find her out on a walk, in an art class or with her nose in a book.

Image of MCM employee Rachel Etherington

Rachel Etherington

SEO Executive

Following a successful internship in July 2021, Rachel joined our team full time as an SEO Executive. Rachel’s work includes planning and writing copy, analysing web pages for SEO improvements, as well as running technical audits and suggesting solutions. Out of the office you’ll find Rachel out on runs, playing with her dog, or working on embroidery.

Paige photo

Paige Jones

SEO Executive

Paige is our SEO Executive, who enjoys nothing more than planning and implementing exciting content that get MCM seen and heard. Outside of the office, Paige can often be found making some sort of cake or biscuit and running around after her toddlers.

Aindrea photo

Aindrea White

Content Lead

As Content Lead, Aindrea strives to create innovative content marketing strategies, crafting paid social and Google Ads to appeal to the right audiences, and working closely with clients to solve their content challenges. When not tapping away at a keyboard or planning with the team, you’ll find Aindrea spending time with her toddler son and husband or with her nose in a book.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

SEO Executive

Sneha is eager to utilise her passion for words and storytelling to create meaningful content that ranks well for SEO. When not at her desk typing, she is usually found at the Sports Centre. Sneha enjoys spending her weekends exploring new places with her boyfriend and catching up on her Netflix favourites.

Fallon Fitzsimmons

Senior Account Manager

As an experienced Senior Account Manager Fallon has a passion for communication, people, planning, process and prioritisation. Nothing excites Fallon more than leading a team towards a vision whilst keeping communication flowing, expectations in check, and priorities in order. Outside of work, you’ll find Fallon spending most of her time researching her next travel destination or spending time in nature with her dogs.

Lauren Beckley

Lauren Beckley

Digital Account Manager

Lauren has a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing and SEO. In recent years she has found her flare within account management and loves building client relationships and delivering exceptional campaign results. When Lauren’s not working, you’ll find her out exploring with her two dogs, trying out new restaurants and spending time with her loved ones.

liam photo

Liam Prowse

Lead Developer

As lead developer, Liam is an experienced coding enthusiast who also enjoys immersing himself in Xbox games and exploring the world of 3D printing. With a wealth of knowledge and skills in the field, Liam combines his expertise to bring ideas to life and push the boundaries of innovation.

Helena Georgiou

Helena Georgiou

Senior Project Manager

Helena has been a Technical Project Manager for approximately 10 years. Her portfolio features collaborations with esteemed clients such as Duracell and Nintendo. As she joins MCM, Helena is set to undertake the role of Senior Project Manager for the web development team. Her primary focus will be on guaranteeing timely, budget-conscious, and high-quality delivery of the team’s projects.

Allan photo

Allan Cutts

Web Developer

In a past life Allan was a professional actor, but for the last decade he has turned his hand to building dramatic professional websites. In his spare time he likes playing board games, puzzles, quizzes, watching movies, or just relaxing and playing guitar.

Liam Peers

Junior Developer

As a junior developer, Liam brings a passion for coding and problem-solving to the team. When he’s not at the keyboard, he enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen, cheering on Liverpool FC, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

Perfecting your digital presence

Every step of the way, we’ve been supporting our partners with finding the right people – at the right time – using the right platforms for their objectives. 

But we don’t stop there. To make sure your target audience converts into valuable and recurring customers, we work to perfect their user journey and experience. 

What really sets us apart, though? It’s the way we work with you to continuously analyse, refine, improve and adapt our approach so that we’re constantly exceeding your targets. 

A team of friendly professionals, always on the lookout for the next big thing in digital marketing.

We’re pretty similar to the other agencies you may have worked with, except for a few key differences that will make your life much easier. 

You won’t hear us use buzzwords or jargon that makes us sound like marketing robots, you’ll always know where we’re strategically spending your budget (and why), and we’ll be totally transparent about your campaign’s performance. You don’t like BS – and neither do we. 

Beyond this, we’re a close-knit, multi-talented team of digital experts who solve problems, crunch data, craft campaign copy and show-stopping designs, fueled by the results of what we do. 

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