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Drive clicks that convert into quantifiable gains for your business.

We’ve been managing innovative and effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns since AdWords first launched over 20 years ago.

In the 20 years since AdWords was first launched, we’ve been managing innovative and effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for our partners. In the past two decades we’ve watched how AdWords has evolved to include a variety of efficient and exciting platforms for running effective PPC, including GoogleAds, Waze, YouTube and BingAds.

We’re a Google and Microsoft Ads certified PPC agency with hubs in London, Tonbridge, and Reykjavik. Our focus has always been on driving the maximum number of conversions at minimal Cost Per Click (CPC). That’s how we ensure you’re receiving the best return on your investment.

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What is a Certified PPC Agency?

We have Google on speed dial. As a Google Partner agency with a team of Google Certified experts who adopt approved PPC methods, you might think we’re the same as every other PPC agency. But that’s not the case. 

With a proven track record of achieving unparalleled results for global brands across multiple sectors, including events, travel and tourism as well as logistics, there hasn’t yet been a paid media challenge we couldn’t crack. 

Why choose us for PPC management?

What sets us apart is our approach to Search. It allows us to look beyond CTRs and CPCs so that we can understand the results that are most relevant to your business. And then we use our decades of experience and understanding of data to drive clicks and conversions. 

But paid media is much more than just Google Ads. Our team constantly analyses the latest trends and platforms for magnifying your brand in the places your competitors haven’t got to yet. As a result, we’re also Waze, YouTube and Bing Certified, which enables us to cast a wider net to find your audience.

Why do we believe in testing and monitoring

In order to achieve sustainable growth, it’s prudent to be constantly looking for ways to improve and optimise your campaigns. By regularly reviewing your landing pages, conversions and keywords that do not appear to be performing, we continually improve your ads to ensure that your budget is being spent wisely and generating a strong ROI. 

It’s simply not our style to set up a campaign and leave it to run. There’s so much more that’s possible with paid media, and hitting the ‘live’ button is only the beginning.

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