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If you are an ecommerce business, it is likely that you either sell your products through an Amazon store or if not you have considered it. With so much competition and aggressive pricing from Amazon Basics products, it can be difficult to generate a good ROI with Amazon. But the Amazon Sponsored Ads platform offers just that. As a leading Amazon agency, we can help you achieve a high ROI from selling your products through their platform. So what are you waiting for?

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How does Amazon advertising work?

Amazon Sponsored Products, also known as Amazon Sponsored ads are used to promote your products or sales in the Amazon search results. In principle, it works exactly the same as Google Ads by showing the product at the top of the search results for your desired keyword. This means your product could appear first for a search on your chosen keyword.

As an experienced Amazon advertising agency, we can help you drive conversions and improve ROI on your product sales. It is a pay per click platform which means that you only pay for an ad when someone clicks on it. We can help make sure those clicks turn into conversions and drive profit for your business.

Amazon sales alone account for more than 40% of the entire ecommerce market in the US. With more than 300 million accounts, you should be selling your products on Amazon.

What are the benefits of Amazon advertising?

Amazon advertising offers a lot of benefits and can work out more cost-effective than selling products through your own website. Some of these benefits include;

Advertise to buyers

Usually, when someone is browsing Amazon, they already have the intent to buy, so you can reach the customer directly at the right moment.

Beat Competition

Your ads can appear at the top of the results page so if your product is competitively priced, you could steal sales from your competition.

Worldwide Market

Amazon ads can appear in global markets and you can dictate where your products are displayed to exploit gaps in the market.

What results can I expect?

Amazon sponsored ads work on a PPC basis much like most other platforms and they can be optimised in a similar way. This means that you can expect to drive conversions or dramatically improve your ROI using Amazon marketing. Some results you can expect with us include;

Drive Traffic – get your product and brand in front of huge audiences and drive more traffic to your product page with the goal of increasing conversions.
Boost ROI – work on lowering the cost per click on your products and displaying it at the most cost-effective times to help boost your return on investment.
Grow Conversions – the main goal for Amazon ads is to sell more products, and we can help you achieve significant growth through advertising.

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