Our Culture

The reason we’re here.

Our ‘Why’

To challenge and inspire growth
so we thrive and exceed expectations whilst empowering people to live their best lives.

MCM Core Values


– Be bold. Be brave

– Passion for the job/ task, however big or small

– Enter every room/ meeting/ interaction with energy

– Genuinely get joy from what you are doing



– You get out of life what you want if you help enough people get what they want  

– Everything can always be improved 

– Provide value at every step

– Spend as much time listening as you do doing

Problem solver

– Believe there is always a solution 

– Push the boundaries 

– Leave no stone unturned


Self accountable 

– Do what you say 

– Take responsibility – blame no one 

– Be confident in your own ability 

– Don’t rely on supervision to get the job done

Act with integrity

– No amount of money is worth betraying a trust 

– If mum were watching… 

– Do the right thing