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Have you ever wondered how those adverts follow you around the internet? These are Remarketing ads and we can help you reach people that have already visited your website but didn’t complete a transaction. As a leading remarketing advertising agency we can help you drive clicks that convert. Retargeting users can help to gain business that would have otherwise been lost after a customer left the site and forgot to make that conversion. Whether you want to target users on Google or Facebook, we can help you achieve your goals!

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Only around 2% of users make a transaction the first time they visit a website. Remarketing advertising works by serving adverts to a specific group of users that have visited your website but not made a transaction. This can also be customised and refined into further specifications.

You can serve ads to users that visited your website but did not make a physical purchase or complete an enquiry. This can be refined further to separate users who added an item to the basket and those who didn’t. You can even target users with different ads if they have completed a purchase in the past. It is completely customisable to your needs!

Remarketing ads being invasive is a myth. Users are 70% more likely to convert through targeted remarketing adverts than they are through non-specific display advertising.

What can I show remarketing ads?

Remarketing ads can be shown in a number of places with Google and Facebook two of the most common platforms for retargeting users. You can show ads to users that have visited your website in the following places…


Your adverts will appear on some of the largest websites such as Sky News, Accuweather, and even YouTube. You can also choose which sites your ad appears on.


Not only will you appear on desktop, but your ads will appear in mobile applications too, such as the Sky News and Gumtree mobile apps. You can also choose your placements again.

Social Media

Display advertising can also be done through Facebook too, so you can show ads to users that have visited your website directly in their Facebook feed.

What do remarketing ads look like?

Remarketing advertising is a form of display advertising and uses graphics or video content to reach users that have already been to your website. These can be static graphics or animated remarketing banners that feature moving images or flashing buttons. Some ad types include…

Graphics – static graphics are the easiest to create and can include a mixture of text and images that represent your brand and encourage users that have visited your site to return and make a transaction.
Animated – graphics and banner ads can also be animated with moving backgrounds, images or text to grab the users attention. Users are more likely to click through to your website with animated banners.
Video – typically used on Facebook and YouTube, video ads are more difficult to put together but can see a significant increase in the click through rate on your campaign. We can also help with video editing.

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