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Google Shopping Ads allow e-commerce businesses to show individual product listings at the top of the Google results page. These ads are served to users looking for a specific product, such as “mens shoes” and can help drive sales and revenue through your website. You can directly reach users looking for a specific product and removing the whole browsing process. If your products are competitively priced this is the perfect way to grab the users’ attention.

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How do Google Shopping ads work?

Google Shopping Ads are a part of the Google Ads platform and if you already have a Google Ads account set up you are halfway there! All accounts are eligible for showing Google Shopping ads and you can specify the products that you want to include in your ads feed. The best part is that it’s still pay per click, so it only costs you money when someone clicks on your ad!

Google Shopping ads are set up in the Merchant Centre and then displayed at the top of the search results when people are searching for keywords related to your product. The price will be displayed with a direct link to the product page so the customer can purchase the product directly from your website.

Remarketing ads being invasive is a myth. Users are 70% more likely to convert through targeted remarketing adverts than they are through non-specific display advertising.

What are the benefits of Google Shopping?

There are a number of benefits to Google Shopping that can help you achieve your goals and drive more product sales. Some of the top benefits include the following…


Your products will appear directly next to your competitors’ ads which is great if you are competitively priced or offer a much superior product.


You can use product images along with your ads that display your product directly in the search results. This is great to really display the features of your product directly in search results.


Drive conversions directly from Google search results, if your descriptions are clear you can appear for specific searches and fulfill someone’s needs such as “navy mens brogue”.

What do Google Shopping ads look like?

Google Shopping ads can appear in a few places in the search results, which include at the top of the page, on the right-hand side, or in the shopping tab. We explain what each of these looks like…

Search Results – your shopping ads can appear at the top of the search results or the right hand side on desktop when people search for keywords related to your product.
Shopping Tab – if your ad isn’t selected to appear in the carousel it is still likely to feature in the shopping tab, which continues to grow in popularity for users.
Partner Sites – this can be switched on or off but allows your shopping ads to appear on YouTube and other Google partner sites including many of the large newspapers.

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