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Is Google Ads proving expensive for your business? Bing ads can be the perfect alternative to Google ads as there is often less competition on the platform. Although there is a smaller market than Facebook, there are still more than a billion users on Bing and your ads can be more targeted. There is less spam traffic so your clicks can more likely convert into actual sales and leads. It also broadens your reach and means you are always getting in front of the right customers. So what are you waiting for?

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How does Bing Ads work?

Bing advertising works in exactly the same way as Google Ads and is a pay per click advertising platform. This means that you only pay for an ad when someone clicks through to your website. Much like with Google, you can also use Bing marketing for either search ads or display ads too so you can use similar strategies across all platforms.

You can use Bing ads to drive conversions and physical products for your e-commerce website or to build awareness and create leads if your business has a longer lead time to conversion. We can help tailor your bing advertising campaign to achieve specific goals and targets you have set out.

More than 70% of Bing users are over 35 years old, which means your ads can be targeted and are more likely to reach users in a position to convert, ideal for enquiry based advertisers.

What are the benefits of Bing advertising?

Bing ads offer a lot of benefits to other platforms and can be the perfect alternative to advertising on Google. Some of the main benefits include;

Wider Audience

With Bing installed on more than 1.5 billion devices, you could be reaching more people that are not using Google as their native search engine.

Less Competition

Most brands are putting all of their budget into Google Ads so you could actually see less competition and cheaper results with Bing ads.

Targeted Ads

You can really target your campaigns to be focused on converting users and there is less spam traffic from Bing ads.

What results can I expect from Bing ads?

Bing adverts are PPC style ads so you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. If your landing page does the right job then you can drive conversions or leads using a Bing marketing campaign. Some of the results you can expect include;

Drive Traffic – boost awareness for your brand with people who might not have heard about your product or service before but would be interested in what you sell.
Boost Conversions – advertise products directly on Bing and send users to a purchase or product page so that you can get genuine product sales for low cost per click.
Generate Leads – you can grow the number of leads and enquiries you are getting with tailored ads and targeted search terms to help you get in front of the right people.

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