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Creating a social media calendar is the first step to take in organic social media management, by enabling you to know the exact content you are intending to share across your social platforms over the course of a month.

The introduction of a social media calendar is a fantastic way to stay on top of what is being shared across your businesses’ social media platforms. It allows you the comfort of knowing exactly what to share on a particular day, with post text already drafted and a creative to go with it, all you need to worry about is sharing to the relevant platforms.

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How do social media calendars work?

A social media calendar is most commonly created on a month to month basis, to allow you the ability to have enough time to plan your content, without it becoming too fixed. For example you still want the freedom to be flexible and still be able to add in some ad hoc content for certain days, events or trends when they occur.

The first step would be to create a central platform to organise your content, for example we’d suggest creating your social media content calendar in Google Sheets. You can then create a template including all of your key information from the date, campaign name and post text, you can even add a section for creative to confirm whether it has been completed or not. You can even add a time you want to post and set reminders to fit, so you never forget to share your content.

More than 32% of people said that ‘poorly written posts’ are one of the most annoying things on social media, meaning with a calendar plan you are able to sit down and write up clever, insightful and engaging content.

What are the benefits of Social Media Calendar Creation?

Social Media calendars offer a number of advantages to your day-to-day social media management. Some of the main benefits include;

Better Content

As you’re planning in advance it means you are able to put in the time to think up high-quality and engaging content to share.

Time Saving

Social media calendars mean you aren’t having to try and think up content every day to share, meaning you can put that time into something else.

More Organised

This gives you a plan to know what you are sharing, it reduces the chance for repeating old and spammy content. Yocan also refer back to what posts performed well in future calendars.


It gives you clear indication of the amount of content you are sharing, meaning you can make a balanced decision to ensure you’re not over-posting.

What results can I expect?

With the creation of a social media calendar it allows you to build out a multi-channel content plan, organised around specific objectives where you can focus on date, campaigns, channels, post text, creative and even time. Some benefits you can expect to see include;

Engaging Content – planning content in advance gives you the time to think up good campaigns and draft insightful post text.

Increase In Interactions – by forward planning your social media content you are more likely to post better content, at a more balanced rate increasing the likelihood that users will want to engage and interact with your posts.

Stable Social Channels – erratic posting is a big no-no with social media, you want to keep it looking relaxed, yet professional. By planning your content it will help capture this feel to your platforms.

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