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Facebook advertising is fast becoming the most popular pay per click advertising platform and should definitely be part of your marketing strategy. There are 2.4 billion active monthly users and Facebook is still the most popular social media platform. We can help you generate leads, sell products or grow your social following with targeted campaigns.

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How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook advertising has been around for many years but with people now used to the idea of adverts on social media, targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook are now starting to become extremely effective. You can run extremely targeted ads that are localised to a specific postcode and target people based on their age and gender.

Facebook ads should blend in with the rest of the organic social content on Facebook and can be a mix of graphics and video content. Campaigns are often most effective when users don’t feel like they are seeing an advert but rather just normal social content.

We run these kinds of adverts for our clients and often produce video ads for them too. As an experienced Facebook advertising agency, we know the right kind of advertising campaign to suit your goals. Whether you are looking for a more subtle approach or want a directly targeted campaign, our in-house copywriters who spend their time testing and trialling new ways to present copy on the platform, will create the perfect campaign for your business.

With more than 387 million active users in Europe, Facebook is a platform that you must be advertising on. 53% of adult users don’t understand how posts are displayed on their feed, which means if your ads blend in you could see great results.

What do Facebook ads look like?

Facebook provides several different campaigns and advertising formats so that you can achieve your goals. Some of the most popular ad formats include…

Traffic Campaign

Your ads will help to drive traffic to a landing page on your website that could be an enquiry page, product page or something else.

Engagement Campaign

If you want to build engagement on your content and grow your brand then this is the ideal campaign for you.

Page Likes Campaign

If you want to grow the number of followers on your Facebook page then these ads with a simple follow button are perfect for just that.

Conversion Campaign

This is the ideal campaign if you are simply looking to sell products and use Facebook as an e-commerce website.

App Install Campaign

Do you have an app that you are trying to promote? This campaign lets you present ads with an easy to install button for users.

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Where can Facebook ads appear?

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and have incorporated Instagram advertising into the same platform. This means that your Facebook ads can also appear on Instagram as well as in many places across Facebook. You can see your ads in the following places;

  • Facebook Feed – the most commonplace for Facebook ads is in the normal Facebook feed and these ads blend in with the rest of the social content. The ads will appear as a paid promotion and have good success rate for driving traffic to your website.
  • Stories Ads – you can also run ads on both Facebook and Instagram stories. Video content works well for these platforms as many people post video content to their own stories. It can be great for awareness or even driving traffic.
  • Product Collections – you might have seen these ads before, a collection of products appear in the Facebook feed. This is perfect if you are looking to use Facebook as an e-commerce platform and actively sell products through Facebook.