Never underestimate the selling powers of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a highly targeted social platform for business professionals and we have seen fantastic results for B2C campaigns. Many of LinkedIn’s users fall in the same category too, with 67% of users aged 25-34. If this is your target audience, then LinkedIn Advertising should be at the top of your list of priorities for a successful campaign.

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How do LinkedIn ads work?

Much like any other social platform, LinkedIn offers a range of different ad options to reach its millions of users. LinkedIn is a very targeted platform used by business professionals around the world and is the number one platform if you are looking for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn is also unique as it allows you to target users based on their profession or even job title, which is information not widely available on other social platforms. This means you can be extremely specific with your advertising campaign and target decision makers in certain positions with your adverts. In addition to this you can also target other demographics such as age and gender on the platform.

Although it is a platform that is often dominated by men, there are also plenty of women using LinkedIn, with 43% of its active users female. We work on LinkedIn marketing campaigns for many different clients and we will always design the campaign around your specific needs and requirements.

What do LinkedIn ads look like?

LinkedIn has a number of different ad formats and approaches that you can take to your advertising campaign. Some of the most popular ad formats include the below;

Sponsored Content: These ads will appear in the LinkedIn feed, which is something that has seen a huge growth in engagement.

Text Ads: Similar to Google Ads, these are purely text format and appear in the left side panel of LinkedIn with a PPC format. We find them extremely useful and cost effective.

Sponsored InMail: These are messages or emails that are delivered directly into someone’s LinkedIn messages. It’s like sending a direct message to your target audience.

Display Ads: You might be familiar with this kind of advert if you have ever run a Google Ads display campaign. This is perfect for brand awareness on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a much bigger platform than many give it credit for, with 675 million monthly users it has more than 2x the number of users as Twitter. 4 out of 5 people are decision makers on LinkedIn too, so you can aggressively target business leaders with your campaign.

What results can I expect?

  • We are a paid social agency with a great deal of experience in LinkedIn marketing and advertising. Here are some of the results that you can expect from a LinkedIn marketing campaign;
  • Drive leads to your website – LinkedIn advertising reaches your desired audience and you can ensure you are bringing genuine leads to your website with an effective campaign.
  • Grow brand awareness – if you are looking to grow your brand awareness with other businesses then this is the perfect B2B business platform for your needs.
  • Sell tickets or products – even if you are physically looking to make sales, LinkedIn can be perfect if you’re targeting and messaging.

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