Appeal to your audience in the creative corners of Pinterest with ads.

Boasting more than 322 million users, there are endless untapped opportunities for businesses eager to advertise on Pinterest. Known for sharing pretty pictures, baking fails and DIY inspiration, there’s actually a lot more to Pinterest than meets the eye and it makes for exciting results with many businesses.

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How do Pinterest ads work?

Depending on the objective of your Pinterest advertising campaign, we’ll work with you to find the perfect strategy to deliver the results you need. We’ll set our team of Pinterest ad experts to work crafting a campaign plan, engaging ad copy, and eye-catching visuals to stop users in their tracks so that they just have to click. We’ll pair this with targeting an audience tailored to your brand through a combination of behavioral analytics and your own data on who your perfect customer is.

Then, as users spend hours browsing the billions of engaging pins on the platform, they’ll be delivered an ad that’s perfectly crafted for them. And there you have it – a Pinterest user becomes your customer.

Pinterest is an option that many businesses are considering. In fact, 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest, and as a platform that’s not as flooded by advertisements as Facebook, it’s a great way to stand out amongst your competition.

Where can Pinterest ads appear?

You can place Pinterest ads in the following sections:

Home Feed

Users will see your ad displayed within their Pinterest home feed. The ads are styled to look like an organic pin, but they are marked as “sponsored.”

Search Results

Similar to home feed ads, but these appear in search results when a user has conducted a search within the platform for something specific.

More Areas

Users are given a suggestion to similar content that they tend to engage with. Ads can also appear in this section.

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