TikTok is not just for dance routines. Find out how businesses are building their brand on the platform.

TikTok ads present a unique opportunity to connect with audiences of all ages in a way that other platforms do not lend to – at least not in quite the same way. And our job, as your future TikTok advertising agency, is to help you tap into all that this platform has to offer.

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How do TikTok ads work?

Meet TikTok, the world’s favourite app. With 800 million monthly active users, TikTok is already overtaking LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat, to name a few. It’s also the #1 downloaded app of 2020, and users spend an average of 49 minutes a day on the platform (though, if you’re like us, it’s much more than that).

800 million monthly users, each spending a total of 24 hours on the platform throughout the month… just think of how many customers you could get in front of with TikTok social media marketing.

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Our data centered approach to paid advertising makes TikTok an exciting platform for our partners to discover. We’ve mastered the traditional paid social advertising platforms that businesses of all types have found success with for years, but we also look ahead and work to understand new platforms that present unlimited potential – platforms like TikTok. Our paid advertising team has been working with TikTok ads since their introduction and has created a powerful approach to TikTok advertising with our clients.


Why TikTok ads?

Advertising on TikTok allows boundaries to be pushed, and for innovation to run free. TikTok ads show personality and a brand’s focus and passion through;

Engagement – Engage with your audience, in the way they want to be engaged with.

Brand Awareness – Give your brand a true voice and personality through TikTok advertising.

Growth – Advertise where your competitors aren’t and tap into rapidly growing markets. TikTok is full of millennials, which is perfect if this is your target demographic.

With an estimated 800 million mobile active users every month, TikTok is a platform that simply can’t be ignored. It’s also the fastest growing social app and is perfect for brand exposure, with 20% of users 35-44 at a much higher rate than some other new platforms.

What we do

As an experienced TikTok management agency, we have a clear process that can be tailored to fit your business’ needs and goals, all with the same result: growing your business through TikTok ads.


A bespoke strategy for your business to approach the platform.

Unique Creative

We can help you create the perfect video ads for the platform.


Our adaptive approach means you will get the best return for your ad spend.


This is standard for all campaigns and we will keep you updated on progress.

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