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YouTube advertising is one of the most effective and popular ways to entice customers to click through. With 2 billion monthly users, there are endless advertising opportunities here. We can help you generate leads, sell products and services while also converting users on the platform that is still dominating the whole world.

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How do YouTube ads work?

Youtube ads work like most other social media platforms. Through carefully crafting engaging content, you are then able to target your ideal demographic based on their habits, interests, age, gender, profession, remarketing lists, and even their recent Google searches.

We make sure to pour everything into creating the perfect content to entice your audience to make sure they can’t help but click through. In a world where ads are frequently skipped – this is beyond important.

Just about every age group, income level, and demographic use Youtube. In recent years, Youtube has toppled competition off the top of the SERPs, meaning that users often see Youtube videos at the top of their search results. Imagine if your ad was seen by all of these users.

Youtube users spend an average of 11 minutes a day on the platform, and 500 hours of video are uploaded every single minute. It’s also the second-largest search engine – after Google.

What do YouTube ads look like?

Youtube ads are generally video, which makes sense considering the foundation of the platform. These can be a variety of still images, slides, or high quality motion picture level video.

It’s important not to be intimidated by the use of video – there are plenty of ways to create engaging, eye opening, and beautiful content without having to hire a professional camera crew. Our in-house team of creatives excel when it comes to creating video for Youtube ads – no matter what you have for us to work with.

Where can YouTube ads appear?

There are various options for the type of Youtube ads that businesses can run. These include…

Trueview Ads

These are the ads you see right before your video starts, and they’re skippable at between 3 and 5 seconds. This is one of the more common ad types you’re likely to have seen.

Bumper Ads

Think quick and to the point. Bumper ads appear before your video and are only 6 seconds long. This is your chance to shine with content that stands out.

In-Stream Ads

These are the same format as TrueView ads, but they appear partway through your video. You’ll want to make sure that this approach is for warm users, as many people find this format to be disruptive.

Display Ads

These are similar to display ads anywhere else on the web, and they appear to the right of the video and above suggested videos.

Overlay Ads

These stealthy ads are semi-transparent and are displayed in the lower portion of the video.

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