E-commerce SEO Services.

Ecommerce businesses’ will often succeed or fail based on their SEO performance, because after all, if your product pages aren’t ranking how will potential customers find them? With aggressive competition across every niche, it’s important that your website is optimised for SEO. Over the years we have delivered increased visibility to our Ecommerce SEO clients, enabling them to boost organic sales.

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What is involved in E-commerce SEO?

The complexity with E-commerce websites requires particular SEO skills which our team has. As part of E-commerce SEO, we undertake keyword research to ensure that your pages are ranking for the right terms. This will secure a more qualified flow of traffic, which will generate more sales from your site. We’ll identify the best keywords that your target market will use to find your business. As further part of our E-commerce SEO services we will assess the architecture of the site, to ensure that all product pages link effectively. Whatsmore, having a strong E-commerce SEO strategy will involve quality content, and luckily we have the expertise. We can unlock creative content ideas for your pages which will help boost visibility and rankings.

It is reported that mobile purchases make up for 75% of all Ecommerce sales in the current market. This makes it even more important to ensure you page is fully optimised for mobile with SEO to ensure you are ranking for all searches.

What results can I expect?

Our approach to successful keyword research involves a number of different factors. Through studying the market and undertaking extensive competitor research for you, we can find the best keywords that your site should be ranking for. Keyword research will enable your site to attract more qualified traffic, as such securing more leads or sales. Through keyword research your content will remain up to date, and will more importantly rank higher in SERPs than before.

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