Nineteen Group

Retail Technology Show

5,000 tech professionals registered in just 3 months

£5.07 Cost per registration
2M Tech professionals reached
£29.00 Cost per Exhibitor Lead
1.23% Click Through Rate (CTR)
15.37% Click to Lead Rate
17.81% Conversion rate
Nineteen Group Retail Technology Show

The Retail Technology Show brings together Europe’s most forward-thinking retailers and leading tech innovators. They came to us with an objective of generating exhibitor leads and visitor registrations for their next event. Through strategic channel planning, optimisations and performance testing, our campaigns successfully hit target KPIs, with a £5 cost per registration and a £29 cost per exhibitor lead.

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Festival of Marketing

We worked with the team to devise a large scale campaign to generate ticket sales, switching our strategy to then support the event as it went virtual due to the Covid19 pandemic.

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Mini MBA

We increased bookings for the Mini MBA Marketing course by 106%!

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