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May 2, 2019 Fern Rogers

Our Top Tips for Optimising Your PPC Account to Drive More Supporters to Your Website


Having a PPC account up and running is a great start to your charity’s digital marketing campaign, however, you might be wondering how best to optimise your account to ensure that you are getting the most from your campaigns. Perhaps you have even started getting clicks and acquiring supporters on your account but want to know how you can improve this. We have put together some top tips for optimising your PPC account which involves looking at the individual keywords and also the copy of your ads to see how this can be improved.

Keyword Analysis

One of the main ways that you can optimise your account is by analysing the performance of your keywords and adjusting bids. There are a number of ways that you can do this but we take a look at some of the most effective ways that you can optimise keywords in Google AdWords including;

  • Search Terms Report
  • Bid Simulator
  • Ad Schedule
  • Devices

It is important that you make sure you are constantly checking the search terms report to find any keywords or phrases that are not relevant to your business. If you are using broad keywords, or even phrase match, then it is likely you will be getting some irrelevant traffic. Go through your search terms report and add any that are not relevant to your negative keywords list.

If you are using a manual CPC bidding strategy then you should look at individual keyword bids and positions to see if this can be improved. If you have enough data, you should see the option to open the keyword bid simulator which gives you useful insight. This should show you what you can expect to gain from increasing the bids on your individual keywords.

Another section of AdWords that you should make sure that you are optimising is the Ad Schedule and Device Bids sections. This can be really useful as it shows where most of your clicks and conversions are coming from. So you can increase bids on your busiest day or the device that sees the most conversions.

Ad Copy Optimisation

Something else that you should consider to ensure your AdWords account is successful is making sure that you are putting together engaging ads for the potential supporter. A top tip is to ensure that you are running at least 3 ad variations per ad group so that you are always testing for the best ad copy. Google automatically rotates your ads so you can see which gets the most conversions. Pausing the lowest performing ad and writing new content is an easy way to see if your ads are holding you back. You should also do a search on your keywords to see what content your competitors are using in their ads and look to do something different to them.

You should always make sure that your ads include the keywords you are targeting in that ad group as this often sees the best results and also helps your quality score. If you have a lot of keywords with low quality score, you should check to make sure it’s not your ads that are holding this back. Making sure that you optimise all types of ads and betas, such as responsive search ads, can also make sure you stand out and gain an advantage over your competitors.

These are some of the main ways that we would usually optimise a PPC account, but there are also plenty of other methods that you could adopt. You must also bear in mind that if you are using the Google Ad Grant, you need to keep within the specified guidelines or risk having your account suspended. If you are confused about any of our advice above or want some help in getting these tips implemented, then why not get in touch with our team. They will be more than happy to offer advice on your account.