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Navigating your digital marketing in a cookie-less world.

Discussion One

How the cookie crumbles. The future of marketing in a post-cookie world.

For many years, businesses have been heavily reliant on third-party cookies – from retargeting customers and personalisation to attribution reporting and behavioural targeting. Their removal will have a significant impact on the digital marketing world.

If you’re a marketer in the publishing and events industries trying to translate inevitability into action, it’s totally understandable if you’re having trouble knowing where to begin.

Join us to hear the experts talk about a cookie-less future. Understand the impact, and the opportunities it presents, ask questions, and leave with actionable and balanced ideas to take back to your business.


Discussion One Speakers

Discussion Two

Does consistency conquer all? Do the benefits of an ‘always on’ marketing funnel outweigh the challenges?

With a growing need to prioritise our first-party data strategies in this new era, focusing on loyalty strategies, brand building and creating an effective relationship nurturing process seems more important than ever.

The 365, ‘always on’ approach which focuses on keeping audiences warm throughout the year, through various touch points, rather than siloed peaks of activity during a burst marketing campaign, could be one solution for post-cookie digital marketing. But cost and the lack of data, content, and infrastructure are often touted as barriers to adoption.

In this lively discussion, listen to the experts talk about the benefits of “drip marketing”, discover real-life success stories, learn about the considerations and challenges, and ask any questions you may have.


Discussion Two Speakers