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August 15, 2023 Rachel Etherington

MCM Come Dine With Me

Being a Work From Anywhere company, MCM is a big believer in finding new and fun ways to bring the whole team together – even if that method is in front of a screen! One of the newest additions to our work calendars is the MCM Huddle, designed to wake everyone up on a Tuesday morning, chat and laugh with each other before starting work for the rest of the day.

It wouldn’t be an MCM meeting without a theme. The topic of our MCM Huddle this time around is the good old-fashioned Come Dine With Me, with a little podcast-inspired twist. Each presenter of the huddle gives us their ideal meal and dinner party guests, including:

  • Still or sparkling water (you’d be surprised how heated this debate gets)
  • Starter
  • Main
  • Dessert
  • Drink
  • 3 party guests (dead or alive, preferably alive at the dinner)

Finally, the presenter will answer a question chosen by the previous week’s host. We usually try to keep these pretty light-hearted, but that doesn’t stop some serious contemplation…

Even though we’ve only had a few presenters so far, we thought we’d share some of our favourite MCM Come Dine With Me highlights. 

Desert vs Dessert

The above board was specially designed for the Huddle by our CEO – but we all found it a little hard to concentrate on the incredible design talents of Tom when we noticed our meal would be taking a short detour into the desert after our main course. This is why all our content goes through 2 layers of proofreads before going anywhere…


Sparkling Water Debate

Before MCM’s Come Dine With Me began we weren’t sure if anyone would have strong opinions about whether their water had bubbles in or not. That was until Ana came out strong with her choice of sparkling water “because she’s an adult.” Since then, both sides have had to rationalise their selection under heavy scrutiny from their colleagues – unless you’re Owen M and choose a mix of the two. The jury is still out on whether that’s against the rules.

Asda Pie

We’ve had some great dream main courses from across the team, ranging from Indian cuisine reminiscent of days spent travelling South East Asia to kebabs from past holidays abroad that hold great memories. But a dream meal is a dream meal, and James was straight to the point when he presented his favourite main course to be a frozen pie from Asda. No backstory, no memories attached, just a screenshot from Asda’s website of the pie box. And we can’t argue with that.


Top Guest Choices

The rules are pretty loose around the guests you invite to your Come Dine With Me dinner party – they can be dead, really dead, alive, and even fictional if you really want. Here’s a rundown of a few of our chosen guests.

Most Unusual Questions

To give you a bit of an idea of the minds at MCM, here is a list of questions we’ve submitted for the next week’s dinner party host.

  • What’s the most disappointing film/TV series you’ve watched compared to your exception?
  • Would you rather know how you die or when you die? 
  • Would you rather have crab legs or crab claws? 
  • If you couldn’t have an Asda pie, what’s the next best/passable pie?
  • You’re the lead man of your own band, what’s the band called?
  • To kill an elephant, how many chickens would be required?


Our huddle format is subject to change to the next weird and wacky theme – our last desert discs theme was a lot of fun, despite the technical difficulties! Who knows what will spark the next format?