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May 10, 2013 hexadmin

MCM Net or Top of The Pops?

“Why did you copy the Top of The Pops logo?” I was asked the other day by one of my team who wasn’t around when I designed our logo 16 years ago. In fact he was barely born 16 years ago now I think about it!

The similarity of the logo I produced in PowerPoint for our start up web design agency all those years ago is a question that people have teased me with over the years. So being as it’s a Friday I thought you might like to have a play with the tool I use to prove our logo came about a good 5 years before the one Top of The Pops later “created”.

If you’ve already used The Wayback Machine then please accept my apologies for pointing you to a tool that you know will waste hours of your day with pointless good old fashioned web surfing. 

The archive lets you sift through old versions of websites all the way back to 1996. You can have a good laugh at how big name sites and even your own site looked all that time ago. Take a look at the BBC’s home page from 1996 or billionaire Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway site  – oh sorry, that’s the site they have live today!

Anyway back to the case in question. The logo in question was first used by TOTP in 2003 – you can use the Way Back Machine to check this then have a look at our site in 2001 – the tool doesn’t manage to keep all images and yes I apologise for what I designed back then, but look bottom right of the page. The very first iteration of our logo. I rest my case!

Enjoy wasting a few hours looking at old sites!