Street Striker hits the back of the .net - MCM

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September 1, 2011 hexadmin

Street Striker hits the back of the .net

The MCM Net online game, ‘Street Striker’ has been shortlisted in the .net magazine awards for ‘online game of the year’.

Street Striker was created on behalf of ChildLine, after MCM Net was approached with a brief for a mini game for the ChildLine site earlier this year.

ChildLine Street Striker

The Street Striker online game was developed to appeal to males aged between 14-17 years-old. Built using Flash CS5 and Photoshop, Street Striker aims to alleviate childhood dilemmas and pass the time whilst children and young adults wait to speak to ChildLine advisors. MCM Net has a long standing relationship with the NSPCC after developing numerous games for the brand and continually supports the cause.