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May 3, 2014 mcm_admin

Venturing Into AdWords Script Implementation Part 3

It seems venturing into AdWords scripts has turned into bit of a series. In my role I am encouraged to innovate and this doubles up quite nicely as one of those ‘spend time building your own projects’ which I enjoy.

We have a new script that we have developed and are currently testing. My trusty colleague Armand and I have collaborated to bring you the latest in cutting edge technology. Part of the reason for this is to excersise our script coding abilities, and to be able to create them quickly and test that the idea behind them is sound. But today you lucky lucky people can test it with us.

So what is the script?

Before I explain the script, I just want to explain how it came about. It was a dark rainy night, when I was sat alone wondering what should I do next I thought I might play around with the filters, see what insights I could gain. Maybe I could find some correlation between conversions and some metric I didn’t think of. It made me think back to my first experiment where we set up a report in analytics to monitor peak times of conversions where we could apply bid adjustments for those peaks. That got me to think about how else I could use a bid adjustment. A client had phoned asking about quality score and average positions, asking what I can do to get them higher and that’s when it occurred to me.

I could create a script to increase bids on keywords 8/10 or higher with a position of 3.1 or worse.

Genius I thought. But actually, the idea behind it is quite elementary but as far as I can see people prefer to do this kind of work manually using the filters. What we have done is set up the script to increase bids by 30% as and when keywords of this ad rank are achieving position 3.1 or below. It seems reasonable to assume that keywords which an already high ad rank like that would stand a good chance of improving their position just by increasing their bid.

As we have only just written it, we would invite you to test it along with us, and here is how to get involved.

To implement the script, follow these instructions:

  •  First, you need to gather all the keywords you would like to adjust. We thought the best result stack takes the set based on the following:
    • the QualityScore needs to be bigger or equals to 8
    • the AveragePosition needs to be bigger (i.e. worse) than 3.0
    • the keywords’ status need to be active
    • the adgroup containing the keywords needs to be enabled, otherwise it’s pointless to adjust the bids on them (for this condition we need to specify a date range – we used all_time)
    • the ordering of the list is not really important, but we set it to descending by clicks as that will give us a nice output.
  • Once this initial query is done, we loop through the result stack and start increasing the bid of each keyword by 20%.
  • Then log some nice results
  • Job done.

In order to grab a copy of our version of the script, right click and save this file (or open it and copy and paste the contents straight to the Campaign Management window).

Enjoy and please share your thoughts!