Venturing Into AdWords Script Implementation Part 4 - MCM

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May 16, 2014 mcm_admin

Venturing Into AdWords Script Implementation Part 4

You might remember that from part 3 of this series we covered the implementation of a new script designed to filter out keywords with high ad rank yet low average positions. Keywords with average positions of >3.1 and at least 8/10 QS received +20% bid.

I guess there are a few factors in this that I had not considered when coming up with the idea. Although the principle idea is sound, I came to realise that this should be not be too active of a script. I had actually set this to run daily – silly it seems, now. What happened was that every keyword that did not improve within 24 hours kept receiving the bid adjustment. I rolled back the changes but it made me think, and the question I’d put forward is:

How often should one run a script like this?

My opinion was probably bi-weekly, but I didn’t want to run it manually, otherwise I may as well just filter the keywords myself and do it, so I settled for monthly and automatically.

Another condition we had to add was that the campaign must be active. Again, this seems obvious but you forget that just because you filter active keywords, on enabled ad groups, it counts for nothing if the campaign is paused! Irritating actually; someone remind me why pausing top levels doesn’t automatically pause lowers levels? Surely if a campaign is paused, all should just be paused within it and unpausing it would reverse this effect. On second thoughts, maybe pausing an ad group with a mixture of paused and active keywords is the reason it is the way it is.

Adjustments aside it’s actually a very useful script to run every month, and ideally you’d see the number of changes decrease over time as you push high ad rank keywords above the 3.1 average position threshold.

So with that sorted, you can re-download the new and improved script and implement.

A note regarding the first script, which can be found on part 1 we would advise not having a shared budget, as a fellow Google Partner found out.

Scripts Update

Scripts can now be implemented at the top most level, which is the MCC level. This feature came just in time just when I was thinking about what hassle it would be to apply my scripts to all these accounts. You can see this by looking at the left hand side of your MCC.

We have also launched an enquiry with our partners to see if they have any script ideas they would like us to write on their behalf. The idea being that shared knowledge and ideas will improve us all!